About College Community Theatre

We are located in beautiful Pendleton, Oregon on the campus of Blue Mountain Community College in the Bob Clapp Theatre.

The mission of College Community Theatre is to entertain, enlighten, and educate the diverse community in which we reside, by producing plays through the unique collaborative effort of community volunteers and the Theatre Arts Department of Blue Mountain Community College.

Some of our more recent shows: “Proof”, “Godspell”, “Private Lives”, “Annie”, “Glass Menagerie”, “Odd Couple” (both the male and female versions), “Christmas Belles”, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat”, “Brighton Beach Memoirs”, “Barefoot in the Park”, “South Pacific” and “Eleemosynary”.

For 50 years, the success of the BMCC Theatre Arts program and the College Community Theatre has been the result of a mutually supportive partnership between the college and hundreds of community volunteers who contribute time, energy and talent, on and off stage, to produce quality theatre for the enjoyment and enlightenment of the dedicated audiences from throughout the Pendleton, Oregon region who attend performances each year.

There have been nine BMCC Theatre Arts faculty members, each serving as the link between the college and the community theatre company. Past faculty members are George T. Forrester, Phil Davidson, Dan Reams, Bob Clapp for whom the theatre is named, Ken Umland, Beth Peterson, Joanna Goff, Patrick Tangredi and Craig McIntosh. Josh King was the first ever part-time joint BMCC/CCT Technical Theatre Coordinator under contract to the college.

The first season of joint productions between BMCC and the Pendleton Community Theatre took place in 1964. This season was such a success that the merger became permanent, and the first use of the name College Community Theatre occurred the fall of 1965. The first five years of performances took place off campus. In 1969, the college constructed Pioneer Hall and named the new theatre Pioneer Theatre. In 2011, the theatre was renamed the Bob Clapp Theatre to honor Mr. Clapp’s 25 years of service and for overseeing 80 plus performances.

Since 1964, 180 plays and musicals have been performed by the joint creative forces of the BMCC Theatre and Music Departments and the CCT volunteers, of which 30 were musicals directed by Dr. Margaret Mayer, David Miller, Rob Roy, Lee Friese and William Mayclin. CCT is appreciative of all the past non-musical directors which are too numerous to list.